City Administrator

The City Administrator is the chief administrative officer for the City of Roman Forest and is responsible for the administration of all affairs of the City, subject to the statutory duties of the Mayor and City Council. The City Administrator is charged with carrying out the policies and programs approved by the City Council, providing executive and administrative leadership to the City, and promoting a high quality of life and business environment in the City of Roman Forest.  


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Timothy J. Underwood was selected by the Roman Forest City Council to serve as the City Administrator. He began working on November 7, 2022.

Tim has nearly 20 years of progressively responsible experience in municipal government. He gained experience in all facets of local government administration from budgeting and finance, human resources, policy development, to economic development, public engagement, and intergovernmental relations.

He started his public service career in 2004 as a police officer in Florida. He moved to Texas and began working at the City of Manvel, developing programs, and writing grants. Later, he took a position with the City of Hitchcock as the Captain. He assumed the duties of an Assistant Chief, managing the day-to-day operations of the police department and emergency coordination. After law enforcement, he took a position in Economic Development with the City of Missouri City. Tim has a strong background in problem solving and conflict resolution, leadership and management, program development and grant writing.

Tim has attended public leadership training, the TEDC Basic Economic Development Course and obtained the FBI-LEEDA Trilogy Award. He holds a Master Peace Officer Certificate, a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration, and a Master of Public Administration. Tim is currently attending the Texas Certified Public Manager program.  

City Administrator

Timothy Underwood

tim.underwood [at] 

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Duties of City Administrator: 

As the chief administrative officer of the city, the city administrator shall:

(1)  Prepare the budget annually and submit it to the mayor and city council, and be responsible for its administration after adoption;

(2)  Prepare and submit to the city council at of the end of the fiscal year a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the city for that fiscal year;

(3)  Keep the city council advised on the financial condition and future needs of the city and make such recommendation as may seem desirable;

(4)  Be responsible for the proper administration of all affairs of the city;

(5)  Appoint and remove all department heads and subordinate employees of the city. The city administrator may authorize department heads to appoint and remove subordinates, except those positions statutorily reserved to the city council to specifically include city administrator, city secretary, municipal judge, chief of police and city attorney;

(6)  Direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the city;

(7) Direct and coordinate all municipal programs, enforcing all municipal laws and ordinances;

(8)  Recommend to the city council a standard schedule of pay, including minimum, intermediate and maximum ranges, and a uniform personnel policy for all city employees;

(9)  Attend all city council meetings, unless excused by the mayor, and have the right to take part in discussions, but shall have no vote;

(10)  Attend all board and commission meetings. The city administrator may designate an employee to attend in the city administrator's place;

(11)  Ensure that the laws of the state and ordinances of the city and other acts of the city council which are subject to enforcement by the city administrator or by officers subject to the city administrator's direction or supervision, are faithfully enforced;

(12)  The city administrator may transfer resources in the amount budgeted within departments as the need may arise, but may not increase the total amount appropriated for each fund type without city council approval through a formal budget amendment. All such transfers approved by the city council shall be reviewed during a midyear budget review;

(13)  Recommend to the city council adoption of such policies, measures, ordinances and resolutions as may be deemed necessary or expedient for the health, safety or welfare of the community, or for the improvement of the operation of the city;

(14)  Make such other reports as the city council may require concerning the operations of city departments, offices and agencies subject to the city administrator's direction and supervision;

(15)  Investigate all complaints in relation to the administration of the city;

(16)  No contract may be approved by the city administrator, unless the city administrator is specifically authorized to do so by the city council on its behalf;

(17)  Administer the purchase of all materials, supplies and equipment for which funds are provided in the budget, and purchase materials and supplies necessary for operation of city services for amounts up to and including $10,000.00 for items approved as line items in the budget or with the approval of the city council to the extent funds have been provided in the budget and are available. No purchase shall be made, contract let, or obligation incurred which exceeds the current budget appropriation without a supplemental appropriation by the city council and amendment of the city budget;

(18)  Perform such other duties as are specified or may be required, directed or delegated by the mayor and city council as permitted by law;

(19)  Preparation and administration of grant applications and expenditures;

(20) Represent the City Council with employees, community groups, individual members of the public, and other governmental agencies on a variety of program areas, boards and commissions;

City Council's Duties with Regard to Employees Under the Supervision of the City Administrator:

(1)  Neither the city council nor any of its members shall direct the supervision of any person under the supervision of the city administrator or by any of the city administrator's supervisors or subordinates. Except for the purpose of inquiry, the city council and its members shall deal with the administrative services solely through the city administrator. Neither the city council nor any member thereof shall give orders to any subordinate of the city administrator, either publicly or privately.

(2)  Because the city council has provided that the city administrator is responsible for the employment and removal of all department heads and subordinate employees, the individual city council members shall not interfere in any manner with such duties of the city administrator.

(3)  If any member of the city council has any issue concerning any department heads, subordinate employees, or the city administrator, then such individual city council member shall request that the issue be placed on the city council agenda for appropriate discussion by the entire council. No individual city council member shall have the right to direct any department head or subordinate employee of the city because the city administrator is responsible for such direction.