Code Compliance

Code Enforcement



     The City of Roman Forest codification of City Ordinances was posted online this year.  It is important to share what this means for the residents within the city. 

     All residents will now be able to access the Code of Ordinances in a format that is easier to navigate and guides users to each ordinance by chapter.  When visiting the ordinance site you will notice chapters and, in some cases, divisions and sub-chapters.  This format makes it easy to get directly to the portion of each ordinance that you are looking to get clarification on.  Within the chapters you will find definitions, requirements of the ordinance & other important information related directly to that ordinance.

     Within the city, the ultimate goal for Code Enforcement is city beautification.  The city created the position of "Code Enforcement Officer" (CEO) to help promote positive relationships with the residents regarding ordinance compliance.  Code enforcement is a process used for protecting property values and standards within the city by providing ordinance education.   

     Some of the more commonly addressed topics include:

     * High weeds/grass

     * Unsightly accumulation of debris/rubbish

     * Junk/abandoned vehicles 

     * Unlawful parking

     * Illegal signs

     The Code Enforcement Officer uses an array of methods to share information with residents including property visits, mailed notices, & phone calls.  Residents are also encouraged to contact the CEO with any questions/concerns online or by phone.