Municipal Court


The Roman Forest Municipal Court is dedicated and committed to promoting the highest standards in customer service, upholding the integrity of the Court, and building public trust and confidence in the judicial system.

Upon the issuance of a citation, the Defendant has 30 days to address the court and enter a plea to the charges. Signing the citation is your indication that you promise to appearon or before” the 30 days. Please wait 2-3 business days after receiving a citation before contacting the court, to allow entry of the citation. 

Certain charges may be dismissed without a hearing if the defendant makes a timely request and complies with the court's standing orders. The court clerk's duty is to inform citizens of their options for the administrative processing of their case and is prohibited by law from offering legal advice or opinion.

View the alleged charge(s) online at . Defendants may pay online with a plea and waiver of a jury trial. Paying the ticket prompts the court, if required, to report the violation as a conviction to the TX Department of Public Safety. 

Defendants have the right to seek legal counsel through a state licensed attorney.

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